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All Shades of Green

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About Us

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

    All Shades of Green name means that every step one takes towards reducing environmental impact makes a difference.


  • Invest Right

    Buying a home is an individual’s biggest investment. At All Shades of Green we believe that investing in your home wisely will yield a return on your investment.

  • Energy Efficiency

    All Shades of Green is a home remodel company specializing in energy efficiency products.


  • Maximize Return

    All Shades of Green is committed to helping clients to get a return in their investment in two ways:

    • Reducing or eliminating entirely energy bills
    • Increasing value of the home

What We Do


Solar photovoltaic systems convert the sun’s energy into electricity so that it can be directly used by the house as it is produced. A solar panel is a group of solar cells that collect sunlight and convert it into electricity.


When considering insulation, the attic is generally the first place to start, as most of your heat will rise and go through your ceiling to the attic if there is inadequate or ineffective insulation. Wall insulation is the next most popular and effective place to put insulation when it comes to increasing the energy efficiency of your home.


Energy Star estimates that replacing existing windows with energy efficient windows can save between 7-15% on energy bills. In addition, high efficiency windows can help eliminate cold drafts in winter and leaking air conditioning in the summers and keep your home’s temperature more consistently comfortable.


Cool wall systems are applied to a building’s exterior wall and are highly solar reflective. These solar reflective properties allow it to reduce wall surface temperatures thus reducing the amount of heat that’s transferred into the home and can reduce a home’s cooling needs.


Cool roofs are roofing products that reflect more of the sun’s rays than standard roofing products. According to Energy Star, Energy Star qualified roof products can lower roof surface temperatures by up to 100 degrees. This reduces the amount of heat transferred inside the building and reduces the amount of air conditioning needed, including a possible 10-15% reduction in air conditioning for the hottest hours of the day.

Why Us?

Our Goal

Our goal is simply to make our customers happy. We Believe that a happy customer today will make a better world tomorrow. costumer service is very important to us . It includes everything from educating to engineering and installing the best solar solution on the market for you . If you have a green dream of having solar panels on your roof , we can make this dream come true as fast, easy, and cost- effective as possible. Our professional team will make sure you feel comfortable and happy from beginning to end.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the world become a better place for a better future . We know it is a extraordinary task, but with each solar installation we make, we feel that we have gotten closer to our mission. We believe so strongly in our mission and for this reason we offer low prices on solar panels and installation and will match lower bids with attention to our costumers special personal feed and the best quality.


We are here to meet your needs and will be in touch with you shortly.


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